The Importance of Neutrality and Transparency of Cargo Cube

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Cargo Cube functions as an independent logistics platform, open to all users. We leverage the rich expertise of our parent company, Fr. Meyer’s Sohn, with a noteworthy 125-year track record in logistics. Our platform encourages partnership, offering a neutral ground where stakeholders collaborate efficiently and make informed decisions.

Enhancing Trust in Your Supply Chain

We’ve created a reliable logistics platform based on data neutrality. This ensures fair data management, free from any bias or influence from logistics service providers. As a result, all processes are transparent, leading to better decisions and more efficient operations.

Our Unbiased and Efficient Approach

Cargo Cube stands as an independent logistics platform, providing unbiased access to all users. This independence cultivates a neutral environment, free from influence of logistics service providers, offering a comprehensive overview of all processes. This clear, single-point access to information brings tangible benefits, enabling informed decision-making and optimized operations.

Cargo Cube’s Commitment to Secure Collaboration

Cargo Cube functions as a truly neutral logistics platform, open to all users. We leverage the rich heritage of our parent company, Fr. Meyer’s Sohn, a logistics leader with 125 years of experience. However, we ensure absolute data neutrality and confidentiality by adopting a “limited access” strategy. This approach restricts data access to only relevant and approved stakeholders, further reinforced by a “Chinese wall” policy that prevents data exchange with our parent company. These stringent measures allow us to guarantee a 100% neutral and secure platform, fostering effective collaboration while upholding the highest standards of data privacy.

Optimize Your Logistics with Cargo Cube

Experience data neutrality with Cargo Cube. Our platform fosters teamwork, fuels innovation, and prioritizes trust. Understand why businesses worldwide count on us for their logistics. With Cargo Cube, you don’t just succeed in your supply chain operations – you thrive collaboratively.

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